My recent New Genres Projects:
The Nest: A experiential sculpture built outside the Art Department Building near a stream out of recycled wood that was cut for forest fire prevention. Can fit about 8 people comfortably, has canopy made of string around it, has softer material inside very much like a real nest and a light that hangs above in the top of the canopy that looks gorgeous at night. Photo Taken by Chris Lanier.

Depersonalization Minimal: Latex Balloon floats/lurks over a welded metal platform high heel shoe on a pedestal. Viewing experience could be seen from 3 different levels of the building. Shitty camera phone picture so maybe hard to tell what's going on?

Becca getting Ray Johnson bunny tattoo for New Genres after dikeanna flaked out

Nick and his New Genres Project called "I am an office bitch", just kidding I made that up.... I dont actually fully understand it but it was really funny!

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