The Thanksgiving Break Chronicles: Broke and selling clothes on Ebay!

Wow this ebay shenanigans took me way longer then I thought, editing photos and whatnot... geesh. Hope my stuff sells, some of the photos are pretty nice, my brother helped me with that.

Heres the link for more ebaygasmic stuff for sale http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/babsnoir_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ



Last Blog for today! Polyvore.com

These are my top 5 most popular polyvore.com clothing sets I have created. Polyvore is really interesting in that you can search clothing by website, color, type (skirt/shoes/top) or all of those at once. Once the set is made each piece of clothing or image of clothing in the set has a link where you can buy it, or will just link you to the site. Then you can also pick any image in the set and it will then show you all others who has used that same image. If you like an image in someone else's set you can save that to your archive of images as well, I like sharing images thats fun! These are not my particular favorites that I am posting on here but by how many people have clicked "I like this set" these are the ones with the most favorites or "likes". Mostly I use polyvore to get my ideas out quickly and to work on them, so alot of my sets are not about fashion or clothing some are just photo images, although the most popular sets are my clothing/fashion sets.

panda party by \\Noir//

I'll be your junkie by \\Noir//

blue yellow by \\Noir//

Pink and grey by \\Noir//

coffee and cigs by \\Noir//

My profile is http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=211456

Lasagna Cat

These are fucking weird...and I have watched every single one...
I don't know what internet adventure i was going on but somehow i found these video series on youtube.... basically just making fun of garfield comics for being lame and boring. These videos emphasize that I guess... I really like how lame the videos are especially the music videos at the end of each one.... those are the best! Here are a couple of my favorites but there are 28 others so feel feel to check those out.... :-D They have a website as well with other stuff the artists have made Fatalfarm.com.... also a website specifically just for Lasagna Cat.... Lasagnacat.com !!!!!

More Burning Man!


Burning Man Pics

These are James pics from Burning Man, they are FUN! Reminds me to use those cheap little disposable cameras more often! Definitely used a couple of those this weekend for Halloween! Should be getting those on friday... I love how cheap they are to buy and develop, perfect for fun little outings, I don't know why I didn't think of that before, nice digital cameras should be for photo-shoots and photo-projects n whatnot. Anyways enjoy Burning Man pics, I am so exited for next year I cant wait!