Polyvore.com set that includes music, about a little pony. Hopefully I will elaborate on this and create a more legitimate art project out of this idea, but good start! Look at image, read lyrics and listen!

Pony Part 2
Pony Part 2 - by \\Noir// on Polyvore.com

I'm just a little pony,
Working in the funfair,
Life has never been easy,
That's not life, that's a nightmare...

I've never seen a prairie,
Never seen - a tree,
Be the judge you're about to ride me,
Is it touch, I don't do it...

They could do the same with you,
And what the groom may not of touched,
Forced to turn around a pick,
Bet you're really just like me.

- Pony Part 2, By: Vitalic

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