A project done for New Genres that involved time. I interpreted time as a way to understand a found object I rescued from a thrift store of a brown butterfly on a plastic rose in a glass dome. I am interested in at what time in the persons life did they not need this object anymore. What did this object represent for this person? What event caused them to not want it in their life anymore? Since I go to thrift stores often I like to think about an objects history and how it got there. The thrift store is a strange sort of purgatory for things, they wait there hoping that someone will give them another life. The butterfly in the glass dome spoke to me and I felt that it deserved another chance and purpose as a representational object. I recreated a sort of space where the butterfly might have previously existed and since I imagined the person who owned it living in the 70's the space had a 70's theme to it. I created the space also using lots of found objects like pillows, shoes, ashtrays, fabric, clothing and jewelry all to try and recreate this mysterious identity of the previous owner. I was not present during the viewing of the piece so a note was left on the table in the New Genres meeting area directing them to the address the piece was located and to go up the stairs as I created this project in the empty house my parents own. The house was completely empty except the upstairs room where I set up a sitting area in the corner where a projection of a butterflies animation played and the closet contained articles of clothing (all 70's themed).

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becca.jane said...

I feel lucky I got to experience this space. One of my favorites of yours to date. But for those that did not get to the documentation is beautiful.